Guess that NBA "OH" Face: Week 2!

Welcome back to Guess that NBA “OH” Face! Week 1 was just a little taste to get you all going on the concept but expect this week to step the difficulty level up a notch!

If you did not participate last week, it is never to late to join in the game. The game always accepts newcomers who are willing to become an expect on the lovely “OH” face. Our original goal was to give away a t-shirt or mug to the monthly winner of this contest but we will need to see a little more participation to make it worth it. Get competitive people!

The rules are as follows:

You will be presented with 9 “OH” faces and the goal is to guess all 9 of them right each week. If you do not know what an “OH” face is please visit this site. The “OH” faces to guess will include NBA players, coaches, fans and other basketball affiliates that have something to do with the league.

You start with picture #1, ponder the “OH” face for a minute, take in the clue and then click on the “Answer” link to find out the correct answer. This is an honor system so don’t completely cheat!

Once you have gone through the list of 9, tally up your total correct and add your score as a comment. Make sure we have a name or something to describe you with. You may want to drop us an email with your score if you have issues with the comment section. EMAIL HERE.

If you have not played Week 1 yet, please do so and record your score in a comment there.

Standings will be updated each week at the bottom of the post as scores come in.

Week 2 here we go!

1. Would Golden State of Mind guess this one?


2. Pretty hair, pretty hair!


3. “I guess Devin Harris will work…”


4. “In the land of Joseph Smith, I reign!”


5. Who needs to stop pounding their chest? This guy!


6. Whiny McWhiner.


7. Former player and coach of the Montana Grizzlies!


8. Most annoying NBA wife on the planet.


9. So easy…


Current Standings:

W1 W2 W3 W4 T
#1 ClipperSteve 8 8 16
#2 Mr. Thell 6 8 14
#3 Kuanysh 8 6 14
#4 StopMikeLupica 7 7
#5 Rapto-holic 6 6
#6 CyberDunkChamp 4 4
#7 Dovex 4 4


  1. I think you might mean in the land of Joseph Smith.

  2. You don’t need “magic glasses” to guess that one. Ohhhh! Yes, I wen’t there.

    So, how do I participate? This seems like something I would be freakishly and unnervingly good at.

    Andrew Thell

  3. chone: wow…whoops!

    andrew: you go through, guess each one and click on the “answer” link to see if you are right. keep track of the number correct and post that number in a comment so that i can get the score. read the directions you goofball!

  4. Nevermind, I’m clearly a moron/philistine who can’t read.

    My total: 8

  5. Put me down for an 8 on this week. That’s 8 for 8 on non-female questions. Jackie Christie is WAY more annoying than Eva Longoria, but I guess she’s an ex-NBA wife.

  6. kuanysh – only 6 this week


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