Guess that NBA "OH" Face: Week 1

Welcome to week one of Guess That NBA “OH” Face!

The rules are as follows:

We’ll start off with an “OH” face and maybe even a little clue to go along with it. You then ponder it for a minute until you have an answer in that gigantic brain of yours (This is rocket science after all). Once you have your answer, you can click on the “ANSWER” link below the “OH” face to see if you are correct! Make sure to keep track of your correct answers as you will be ranked at the end.

With this being the first installment, we’ve made it fairly easy but will be much harder the next time around, we hope. Good luck!

1. I rank 4th in the league in assists?


2. We’ve pumped a few chip’s over the years?


3. What if I ran for mayor somewhere?


4. I’m a first timer in the bigs! Sort of.


5. 17 in a row…pfft.


6. We sure play like “babies”!


7. I have the cutest little hawk, don’t I?


8. Who are these 2 white guys around me?


9. Go Stanford!




7 – 9 Correct: I soooo know the “OH” fo’ sho’!
4 – 6 Correct: Half “OH”wned.
1 – 3 Correct: What’s an “OH”? …oh.

Please post your scores (number correct) with your “OH” face gamer name of choice in the comment section as we will be updating the standings as the week progresses! Scoring for each week will close on Thursdays; obviously because the next week’s game will be out on Fridays. We will be giving out a prize of some sort at the end of the first month (most likely a goofy t-shirt or mug) to the best overall score! DUN DUN DUN!

For contact purposes we will most likely need an email address. If you do not have a Blogger account that we can trace back to you please drop us an email with your name incase you win the big dooper of a prize! EMAIL HERE.


  • kuanysh – 8
  • ClipperSteve – 8
  • StopMikeLupica – 7
  • Mr. Thell –
  • Raptor-holic – 6
  • CyberDunkChamp – 4
  • Dovex – 4


  1. Ok people, someone put there score in…

  2. Half “OH”ned with a 4.

  3. Yo, my comment disappeared!

    Clever idea for a post – I like.

    I got a 7 out of 9. I missed Ben Gordon (the clue got me thinking Jason “I eat babies” Maxiell) and I didn’t recognize the fan at MSG (I thought it was Ben Wallace).

    Great post, guys!

  4. Comment showing now (not sure what happened before)! Yeah #8 is sort of a trick question unless you say to yourself “that must be the whacko that was escorted!” you’ll get it wrong…does sort of look like Big Ben though.

  5. I am a Half OH, the first one really got me, I thought it was Shawn Marion. ouch!! 4

  6. uh, bummer – got 8, totally missed that lbj stalker kid, but that was a cheapshot :p

  7. 8 out of 9 on this week. Missed the LeBron kid.

  8. Andrew got 6 of theses


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