Give Karl His Due…Coaching Change?

ESPN (I know I know I gotta find some better sources) wrote an article on George Karl’s coaching future. He has taken on his battle with throat and neck cancer and has battled it successfully. Fyi to KG this is why you don’t make jokes about cancer a-hole! Bottom line is that George Karl is a fighter and I give him all the credit in the world for battling his way back. He could have VERY easily hung it up this year and decided his time has past. As one of the great coaches of all time he decided to battle through this. Just as he has told his players to battle through their demons (JR Smith) and injuries. Life gets in the way for all of us and it is how you handle these issues that shows your fortitude. George Karl I commend you and everything you have accomplished both professionally and personally. You are good example for the NBA and they should be thankful. I also give the Nuggets organization props for not showing him the door. The Nuggets have been doing whatever they can to lower their salary and they could have easily let Karl go.

The Nugget have been able to do something most NBA teams can’t do. Pay less and get more while turning over the whole front office. They have moved high contracts and not resigned role players and still the record improves. They have been able to dump players like Camby and get value out of Birdman and Anthony Carter. They also made a key trade to obtain Billups 3 years ago and dump AI. Their record the last three years has been: 50-32, 54-28, and 53-29. This year they currently stand at 6-5 (one game out of first) in a very competitive division. I’m shocked and quite frankly floored that this franchise continues to field a competitive team. This is a testament to George Karl’s coaching and understanding of the Association. If Denver lets him go after this year you will see this franchise delve back into the mediocrity they have experienced throughout their existence. Its time Denver MANS up and pays Karl to remain competitive. While I’m at it they should realize that Melo is also a cornerstone of their success. If they want to keep fans in the seat they need to bring them BOTH back. If they just want to keep saving money and turn into the pathetic and lonely 76ers, Raptors, Clip, or T-Wolves in this economy then feel free to let them both walk.

Dare I say teams like Sacramento and Memphis would be chopping at the bit for a proven NBA coach with heart and determination? No doubt especially with Karl’s success at working with Melo. Both Sacramento (Tyreke Evans, Demarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson) and Memphis (Rudy Gay, OJ Melo, Mike Conley) have young players that could learn wonders about the NBA from Coach Karl.


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