Give it to the Griz – The Spurs Laid Down and Died

I got to take it like a man! I was on the record as saying the Spurs would be in the Western Conference Finals against my boy Kobe. In fact I believed they would win a 5th World Championship. Age caught up to the Spurs and they died a tragic slow death. Egg is on my face as the Griz have moved onto the next round. This wasn’t as dramatic as Nellie’s Warriors knocking off Dallas but it was impressive nonetheless.

There is no excuse for the well-coached Spurs. How do you win 61 games, snag the first seed in the playoffs, and lose to the 8 seed? Not since the Mavs have I seen such a colossal collapse. I did not expect this nor did I see this coming. It’s almost as shocking as Sheen losing one of his goddesses:

So as Charlie lost Bree Olsen aka Rachel Oberline the Spurs have lost the last window into another championship. Tim Duncun doesn’t have any gas left. This was his last hoorah. For him this is a bitter shot to take. Just visualize Charlie Sheen, Lenny Dystra, and Tim Duncan at happy hour. Sheen whines that he lost a porn star, Dystra bitches that he should have used back pages instead of Craigslist, and Duncan admits a Grizzly Bear ate his lunch. Classic. 

You have to hand it to the previous reject Zach Randolph. He was impressive with 30 pts and 11 boards yesterday. Scotty Brooks better make sure Durant and Co don’t overlook the Griz. This upcoming series may be more surprising then the first. Can the Grizzly Bears climb another tree?

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