Getting out of a Basketball Blogging Funk

I know I haven’t posted in almost 5 days (Sorry!) and the only real excuse I have is that I was a little busy with the family this weekend and I didn’t have a chance to watch ANY NBA games. Sounds absurd huh? For a guy running a basketball blog? Well you’d be surprised at how fast a weekend can go!

Friday was carne asada steak taco night which kicked ass until the next morning when my stomach wanted to blow up. Too much beer, whiskey and taco meat truly DOES a number that you shall never ask to be repeated.

Saturday featured my Mom owning up some bowling tourney while I consumed cheap bowling alley $2 Michelob’s and cheered! (First place after the first day; solid work Mom!) After napping off the bad beer we readied ourself for dinner.

We ate at a fantastic Indian restaurant called the Bombay Cricket Club which you should all try the next time you stop in Portland. Finding myself so fascinated with cricket on a mini-tv during my Lamb Tikka Botee was something to see. If only I knew what the hell was actually going on or what the hell was firing up my mouth I would have been golden!

Then came Sunday and a quick recap on Saturday’s Playoff games followed by the Mom’s team not fairing so well. More cheap beer and a disappointing finish in the tourney sent me home for the day hoping for something exciting.

For good reason the basketball was finally turned on, but I didn’t actually sit down to watch it. Instead I set up my new desk and then went off for hours blogging on my other blog.

That makes 2 straight days of Playoff games and I had not watched one! I realized I was in a funk for basketball and must have needed a little break. Your thinking I’m crazy right? “It’s the Playoffs Kellex!”

Well today I fixed my funk with this:

What a thing of beauty! (Yes both of them, but today we’re talkin’ TV’s!)

Yes that is a LG 42 Inch 1080P LCD, son!

And I am officially out of that NBA funk and ready to watch every single damn game possible! Wouldn’t you be?


  1. Phew – I was worried about you.

  2. Yeah I’m back and feeling good! How is everyone?


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