Garnett Spiked Lee

KG “the thug”continues to shine. This man is destroying his reputation week after week. Once he retires he will end up living in a row home in Detroit with Derrick Coleman. The two deserve each other. I can see 30 years from now Garnett and Coleman in walkers talking bout the glory days when they raked in millions and were left with nothing. Their massive egos destroying them. 

KG cursed out Spike Lee. This man loves to hear his name in the news. Maybe having Shaq on his team is making him insecure. His “inner demons are coming out.” Here is the direct quote from Spike Lee courtsey of blacksportsonline and ESPN.

“But this last time against Boston — you know that game where they disallowed Stoudemire’s three? — Kevin Garnett lost it. He was cursing me out for no reason. Maybe because Stoudemire gave him 39 points, but take that vulgarity to Stoudemire. I’m not holding you and I did not even say s— to Garnett the whole game. That really surprised me. He lost it. He was cursing at me the whole game. He needs to calm the f— down.”

IS it me or do ya’all see the humor in Spike Lee telling someone to calm down?

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