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Late start today with Barack Obama being in town!

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here. It is filled with fun photos of the Portland life.

Opening Session:

Just got to the ‘Tortoise’ for round 2 and the Mirror Pond is flowing. I actually found the perfect seat with 4 plasmas surrounding me in this neat little wooden booth that I can just lounge back in. I missed most of the first session action with the bus ride downtown but I’m already disappointed in the 5 minute update I just received.

Gonzaga is dropping to frickin’ Davidson and Drake is about to go down to Western Kentucky of all teams. Drake in the Elite 8? Probably not a wise choice was it? Tennessee decided to turn it on which is good with them being my runner up to UCLA once it’s all said and done. It does look like St. Mary’s won’t pull the upset over Miami and that may hurt a little.


Drake is turning it on and pulled within 1. Come on boys of Drake! Not even sure what the mascot is, damn mid-majors (The Bulldogs).

Oh boy! 3 pointer with 25 seconds to play from Drake to tie followed by a horrible charging call against Western Kentucky. Drake holding for the final shot…a missed layup…OVERTIME.

Somebody tell me why Western Kentucky would foul when the game is tied with 30 seconds left? I’m not a coach by any means, but what the hell? OH, he missed one and then Kyle Korver’s brother fouls out putting WK to the line. This would be huge for Western Kentucky and absolutely horrible for my bracket. Only 21.3 to play and Drake ball, down one…OMG BUZZER BEATER BY WKU! Wooooo the first of the tourney!

Second Session:

It’s on for the second session! Every game looks to be goin as planned with UConn just getting underway. This session of games shouldn’t pose any problems to all of you bracketologists.

I just ate myself away for the day with a ‘Tortoise Shell’ burger which is a 1/2 pounder topped with a fried egg, ham, bacon and the works. Damn was it good, but damn is my gut going to hurt within the hour.

Ok, second session update doesn’t have much with most of the games being blowouts. We do have the optimal setup for watching every game and I’ll post a picture in a minute. The one good game is UConn down early second half to USD (University of Spoiled Daughters). If UConn loses, it shouldn’t upset too many brackets as you ought to be slapping yourself if you had them going any distance this year.

Ok they lost. I’d be glad I wasn’t playing in Tampa this year if I was any other high seed. That’s 2 overtimes and 2 losses for high seeds down in Florida.

Picture time!

The setup.

The busted bracket. See all of those scratch marks?

Session Three:

This should be the blockbuster of the day once again. We’ll be surrounded by Oregon fans any time now and this place will be rocking!

Passing the time in between sessions.

Here is me showing my Duck love without truly being an Oregon fan.

My Oregon fan-dom shoes did not hold it down and they blew yet another lead. How about Mississippi State? Solid performance from them to take out a Duck team that didn’t deserve to be here.

Oklahoma and St. Joe’s was a good game with Oklahoma holding it tight at the end. Another wrong pick by Kellex! I did have Oregon going down, but don’t let everyone in this bar know that.

How about Sienna? The performance of the tournament so far belongs to them. Vandy is the same team that dropped #1 Tennessee two days after they had taken down undefeated Memphis, remember? Congrats to the mid-major!

The rest of the evening session is going to plan as long as Dr. Eric Gordon takes over against the Razorbacks. Ok, he didn’t and Indiana is out and Dakich is likely out as coach. It was fun watching Gordon for his one college year, he’ll be a solid pro.

After watching today’s games, I really feel bad for anyone that has to play in Tampa ever again. Two 12’s and two 13’s run through Tampa? That place is cursed for 4 and 5 seeds!

Overall Recap:

It was a fabulous 2 days in Portland and I’m glad Ken and I did our thing. We consumed a ton of beer and a bunch of greasy, gut rotting food but it was totally worth it. I hope you all enjoyed a little tour of my fine city with some random bar hopping blogging and photo fun! The rest of the weekend will be taken in on my couch in basketball shorts and the bag of lettuce in my fridge will be force fed down my throat to clear them arteries.

Thanks for tuning in to the running 2 day tourney blog. I’ll have the last of the pictures up tomorrow; I’m just too tired to do it tonight.

Our 2 day stomping ground.

The girl picking me up in Le Basketmobile.

Back to the NBA grind, peace.

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