Friday Deep Basketball Thoughts

Greg Oden and the 24 Hour Fitness Debacle

An injured Oden decided with his team out of town that it would be ok to head on down to the local 24 Hour Fitness last night and tear up some local kids in a pickup game? I actually laughed a little out loud when I heard this and a few people gave me the “umm….weird guy!” look. I don’t really need to go into how absurd this idea of his was because it really speaks for itself here.

What really makes me laugh is the fact that he went into a public facility to play a pickup game of basketball and actually thought no one would find out? Maybe this is one of the reasons David Stern would like to extend that college rule to 2 years? The guy signs multi-million dollar contracts with who knows how many companies, hasn’t played a single game yet, but thinks it is ok to play an unauthorized pick up game with some local folk?

Come on Greg! At least you didn’t have the fro-hawk when Nate McMillan called to destroy your ego and make you feel like the 19 year old that you are.

This Nate McMillan quote is classic though: “We called him and we told him he can’t do that,” coach Nate McMillan said Friday. Right, I’m sure that’s how it went down Nate Mac.

The Return of Nene

A pretty remarkable thing happened last night when Nene of the Nuggets chalked up a whoppin’ 1 minute in a game against the Mavs. That’s right, 1 minute! Of course the playing time is not really the point here. Nene returned last night after having a tumor removed from his lower “man area.” While many thought we’d never see him again, he actually worked hard to enough to prove those wrong.

I’m actually pretty surprised, well am I? The guy has been Mr. Injury over the last few seasons and always manages to return. I guess maybe it shouldn’t be all that surprising now that I think about.

George Karl said it perfectly before tip-off, “It’s not about how he plays.”

NBA Europe Time?

“10 years,” says Sternie. I’m trying to figure out if this is a great move or a move I don’t really care about. 10 years is way too far away for me to be laying that much strain on my brain.

If you were unfortunate (or lucky) enough to be a part of one of the European expansion teams, you’d be traveling like a bread salesman (which is really bad, and an inside joke). It would seem like an OK deal to be living in Europe, but what if you were drafted and thought that living in France would be as irritating as calling french fries, freedom fries? Your family is in the states, your friends are in the states and you are 19 and on an airplane for 8 straight months.

Hmmm. At least the teams still in the US get to take nice paid vacations to Europe every year?

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