For Blazer Honk, Next Year will be Fabulous!

While running this general NBA basketball blog I’ve tried to remain as objective as possible through most articles but feel it is time to finally write my own little Blazer honk post. Of course I love to hack on Kobe and you also will rarely see a Spurs post on here unless it has something to do with Tony Parker’s annoying wife, but other than that it stays fairly flat across the board. I’m actually hoping that most of you had no idea that I was Blazers fan!

Today marked the real beginning for the Portland Trail Blazers. You may be asking “Why now Kellex?” My answer is simple, “Darius Miles is gone son!”

Kevin Pritchard acknowledged today that Darius Miles will be sent off to an independent doctor to be evaluated. The hope, is that the doctor will look at his knee and say “Yep! That’s career ending my boy ‘D’!” At that point, Darius will collect his remaining $18 million and be on his way to another strip club. That $18 million will then be removed from the Blazers cap and they can sign LeBron! (Ok too far there.) They can sign a real 3 point threat and get rid of Martell Webster!

There is one small issue with Miles and that lies in the possibility of him returning to another NBA franchise. If that were the case and he managed to play 10 games for this new team, then the $18 million would count against the Blazers. However I can assure you that will never happen. The “Jail Blazer” days will officially be over with.

And then, Portland gets Oden back! Greg Oden went down with season ending micro-fracture surgery last summer and was already caught on camera dunking the hell out of people just last week. Watching him throw down brought a smile to my face that would make Oden’s FroHawk envy. Not that this year has been anything short of amazing, but imagining the possibilities of Oden, Aldridge and current NBA All-star Brandon Roy playing together is wonderful.

The fact that Oden will be playing his first year next year may actually be better than him playing this year. (Did that make any sense?) This year allowed Brandon Roy to blossom into an All-star in only his second season while Aldridge racked in enough playing time to really put together a solid game. He could win the NBA’s most improved player! These two will come into next year as NBA veterans who have been through a playoff race which included the return of an electrified crowd at their home court, the Rose Garden. Roy and Aldridge can handle the pressure while Oden takes a while to adjust to playing at this level. Plus, Oden had an entire year to watch and learn from the best in the world with fantastic courtside seats!

But wait, there’s more! They’ll have Rudy Fernandez (Unless he flakes?) and hopefully Jarrett Jack, Martell Webster and Raef LaFrentz will all go away. The Blazers will have to make moves with the amount of players they’ll have after the draft and that will most likely mean some solid role players for once! It should be another exciting off season for Portland and who knows, if they miss the playoffs they may get lucky enough for another #1 pick! (Setting my hopes high, you see.)

I’ll continue to hope for a strong finish and a possible push for that ultra-competitive 8th playoff spot, but what I’ll really be thinking about is opening tip, next year.

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  1. Well I dont really care much about darius miles… What I do care is the return of greg oden who I think would be the deciding factor if they can really make the playoffs next season…


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