Flip Saunders’ Replacement…

Flip Saunders was fired today. Yes you are reading that correctly.

“Decisions like this are difficult to make,” said big daddy Pistons Team President, Joe Dumars.

Wait..whuh? The guy that took the Detroit Pistons to 3 straight Eastern Conference Finals and went 206-91 during those 3 seasons just got fired? Yep!

Poor Flip. Everywhere the guy goes he seems to win, but he also can’t seem to win enough. LeBron the machine took him down last year by himself, and Danny Ainge’s All-Star squad did the trick this year. I can’t say that I feel incredibly bad for Flip, but I would say that he has some horrible luck. Maybe he and Avery Johnson can have a massage and a pedicure together to figure out why the world sucks so bad.

Who will replace him? We’ve looked really deep into this to come up with the most qualified candidates. I hope the Pistons will consider what we have to offer.

Matt Millen

He may not be a coach, but this guy is a freakin’ pro at holding down a job. No one can seem to fire this guy, and I’m sure he’ll be able to withstand little ol’ Dumars. He’s also beloved in Detroit…err. He would be excellent at completely wiping out the entire team and starting over from scratch. Remember how old these Pistons are and this may be just the trick they’ve needed up their sleeve! Although, I’m sure they would want to come back from that rebirth…

Isiah Thomas

Yessir! Bringing the bad boys back baby! This thing is about to become a complete train wreck and what good is a train wreck without Isiah Thomas’ involvement? Thinking of “Raw”sheed and that silver patch of hair barking down from 6’10” to mini-Zeke makes me smile. This would be a REAL, player vs. coach battle! Forget that Zach Randolph pissing match from last year, this thing would sell tickets.

Jason Maxiell

Aren’t we just waiting to see him tear down
institutional basketball backboards and eat things? Wait…that had nothing to do with this post.

Avery Johnson

After he and Flip get done with their pedicures we’ll consider Avery the only logical candidate. The guy with the best record EVER in his first 2 seasons who got overlooked in Chicago, New York and Phoenix has to be considered right? Plus With that mouth, he could teach Maxiell the real way to eat babies! (That’s two Maxiell sightings in this post…)

Terry Porter

Will be hired.

Whichever way the Pistons decide to go I’m thinking it is time for some major changes. What is the average age now, almost 30?


  1. Flip needed to go. Sheed needs to go. And Chauncey and/or Rip needs to go. Stuckey should get major minutes next season, he’s a future star. J-Maxx needs to get a boost in tick too. And let’s not forget about Amir Johnson, who could be a major player in their rotation in the next year or two – the kid has loads talent.


  2. You forgot, Pistons need some more chicks in the package with Isiah Thomas. What good with Thomas without chicks? His goons need to have chicks to harrash too.
    It’s a win-win situation.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding if you think that either Rip/Chauncey has to go, or rush to think that Sheed should head out. This is not a team that needs to be blown up, this is a team that needs to slightly retool. I love Maxiell, but he’s not an all-star, and I doubt that Amir Johnson will amount to anything in the L. Stuckey’s 50 cent though…the truf.


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