First Round West Playoff Winners!

Yeah we are pretty damn crazy to be picking winners from the most competitive first round of the playoffs we will probably ever see, but we just like to live a little on the edge. And you know if we get these all right we’ll be bragging all over the basketball blogosphere!

Matchup 1: Lakers vs. Nuggets

Is this one really that difficult to decide on? Of course not. The Lakers will take this series down with ease, sip a few cocktails in the sun and wait for their second round opponent. Nice job with that “Dewy” days before the playoffs Melo! Kobe in 5.

Matchup 2: Hornets vs. Mavericks

Ooh the second matchup is actually a good one! We’re going young here and taking the Hornets. The Mavericks are definitely one of the scariest 7 seeds we’ve ever seen but Chris Paul is absolutely on fire this year. He may have a little beef with the league also once that MVP voting gets dropped. Hornets in 6!

Matchup 3: Spurs vs. Suns

It really makes me sad to see these teams meet in the first round after last year’s fiasco, but damn is this going to be good! I’m pretty sure Steve Nash will do everything in his power to not let the Suns go down in flames AGAIN to their rival, but I’ve got some worries. Can Shaq make up the difference? Will Timmy D do it again? I’m going “Longoria Annoying Factor” here and picking the Suns in 6.

Matchup 4: Jazz vs. Rockets

I know the Rockets went on that nice heartwarming streak just after the All-Star break but I’m still not buying their legitimacy. The Jazz are the real deal and with Sloan still running the show I would expect them to roll through this series. Sorry T-Mac. Sorry Yaozer. Sorry Adelman. It’ll be “Deron Williams time” all over again. Jazz in 5.

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