End of the “Execution” Era – Quickness is King

As I listened to ESPN radio this morning I realized for once what “Mike and Mike” were spewing made sense (this is a rarity). The “execution” era of the NBA has died a quick and abrupt death. Boston is down 3-1 and LA was decimated. Both Boston and LA were teams that employed veterans to run flawless plays in the post season– blood and guts if you will. The problem? With the up tempo quick NBA rage these veterans can’t keep pace. Teams like Miami, OKC, and Memphis all run this over the top system. Basically, they let their young stars run, run, and run. They add a sprinkle of D with a push the ball O – Whola! They are successful. Mistakes are overcome with gritty quickness and resiliency. Hell, just look at the series I have blatantly ignored (free plug: want to write for LB?!- email: kobeofthenba@gmail.com– guest posts encouraged) – the small market OKC-Memphis experience. Last night’s 3 OT game was one for the ages. Which up tempo team would blink first? At the end OKC was triumphant and knotted the series 2-2. I don’t dare attempt to predict this series.

 Just last year I would blog about how the Lakers were superior because of the perfect execution of the triangle offense. I would pontificate about how Kobe had such a high basketball IQ and how he could elevate his team to multiple championships with role players such as old man Fish, jumping’ Shannon Brown, and the European Softy Pau Gasol. Night in and night out Kobe made this work and nearly made it look easy. (Note to Self: I refuse to reference the pussy Andrew Bynum)

The Era is Dead. Kobe is physically unable to keep up with the faster, younger athletes.  His Bravado could only carry him so far. The renewed rivalry between the Celts and Lakers is over. Both teams will not win another championship with their current construction. Just like that the wind of change has blown into the NBA.  Ball control and basketball IQ’s are yesteryear. Athletic and quick the younger generation has taken form. Miami, OKC, and Memphis are now the new thang…

Or are they? I will make my case for the exception in the next post.


  1. Man a quick comment for now cause bboy mixes are calling me:In a very sincere and humble manner let me just state that the Lakers exit,especially in game 4,was uglier then Chris Dudley,Joakim Noah,Shaq and Bo Outlaw shooting a free throw at the same time.

  2. Let’s face it. Sooner or later, Kobe will have to bow down and let the youngsters do their thing. Quite while you’re ahead.


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