Donnie Walsh Lied to By Psychotic James Dolan – Knicks Betrayal

James Dolan is a prick. This much is obvious. How do you fire the man that reduced one of the highest payrolls and managed to get the Knicks to a 42-40 record? The first winning record in over 10 years?!? The same man that helped bring Anthony, Amare, D’Antoni¬†to New York?

James Dolan has got a power complex for sure. That and some serious man love for Isiah Thomas. Donnie Walsh had a verbal contract in place with Dolan two weeks ago. According to Marc Berman of the NY Post when the written contract was sent to Dolan his contract was cut from 4.5 million to 2.5 million. If that wasn’t bad enough Walsh was no longer given full control over personnel decisions. Walsh may be 70 but he knew what he was building in New York. He was willing to take the salary insult to help take NY back to the promised land. However, Dolan’s impetuousness got in the way. Instead, the mostly qualified Team President the Knicks have had in recent memory has been reduced to a role of ¬†“advisor.” Seems like a bunch of crappola.

All Knicks fans must be on their knees begging that Isiah Thomas doesn’t return. The typical retreads aren’t very appealing – Kiki Vandeweghe, Jerry Colangelo, and Danny Ferry. The Walsh recommendations of Chris Mullin or Mark Jackson were rejected…. I smell a rat and it just might be Isiah Thomas!

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