Donald Sterling: The Court Jester

The Clippers have been a sad, sad, NBA Franchise for many years. Donald Sterling has always entertained me. He has been heckling players for years. Now, he has set his sites on the fat, out of shape, lazy, Baron Davis. I wish I lived in LA just so I could witness this train wreck.

I remember when the Clip signed Baron Davis. He just came off a great year playing for Nellie and the Warriors. That was the last good year the Warriors had. They were so much fun to watch. I loved the no defense run and gun style of the Warriors. Alas, that was then and this is now. Baron Davis has logged a TON of minutes in the NBA. His knees were shot then. He can barely even get up the floor now. This reminds me of the end of the Chris Weber era. Weber understood the game and still yearned to play. He just lost all his ups.

Baron Davis can’t jump. At this point Chris Kamaan can out jump him. Who said white men can’t jump? Donald Sterling signed Davis when he thought he was going to resign Elton Brand. Once Elton bolted years ago Sterling was stuck overpaying a fading “name.” The irony? Sterling has a reputation for not paying NBA players. The man who never pays now has to pay. No wonder he has gone to heckling him courtside. He knows he is stuck and Sterling is trying to guilt Davis into retiring.

A quote from Baron Davis (courtesy of ESPN):

“I have no comment on that. You just get to this point where it’s a fight every day. It’s a fight. You’re fighting unnecessary battles. I’m fighting unnecessary battles.”

Baron you are right. The battles you are fighting are unnecessary. Hang it up and go play in Hollywood. That is why you came back to LA isn’t it? Heck, The Clippers don’t need you they have STUD guards in Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. Hang it up old man and do us all a favor. The sad truth is that Davis won’t quit and Sterling (the notoriously cheap owner) will continue to heckle him. Maybe its my Philly roots (shoutout to Cliff Lee!) but I enjoy Donald Sterling’s heckling. Its better then the Philly Fans throwing snowballs at Santa!

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