Doc Rivers = Jackass


Someone explain to me why Doc Rivers decided to sign a 5 year extension with Boston? Sure, Doc got paid – 6 million a year. However, the Celts are on the spiral of destrucion that can not be averted. Father Time is on their backs and there ain’t nothing they can do. Allen is 35, Pierce is 33, and KG is an old 34 (don’t forget he came right out of high school). Shaq will not be back and Jermaine O’Neal needs surgery YET again. Doc Rivers has taken this team as far as they can go. He won one championship in 2008 and neary won a second in 2010 (took the Lakers to 7 games). This is the top of the roller coaster, the apex, the pinnicle… Doc has  to know this! If he doesn’t he is a complete jackass.

A smart crafty coach (ala the Master of the cut and run Larry Brown) would sit out for a few years, let his market value increase, and then land with a team on the ascend. Possibly the post Kobe Lakers? or the Heat if Spoeltra falls on his ass? Doc Rivers has two kids in college and a sophomore in high school. IF I was Doc I would have gracefully walked away knowing the going is only gonna get worse. In fact the Boston media believed he was leaving. Alas, I’m not Doc and he has returned to ride that broken down old Civic… Gotta give Danny Ainge credit. He is getting more mileage out of that KG trade then I thought possible…

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