DirectTV Shares Their Love of the Lockout – Players/NBA Set to Meet Again

I’m touched… I got a letter today in the mail stating that Direct TV won’t charge me for my NBA Leaguepass until the labor dispute is settled. Isn’t this obvious?!? But, alas, the shear fact that they sent the letter isn’t a good sign. The NBA and players have still not come to an agreement and my pained existence continues.

ESPN is reporting that the players union and the NBA are set to meet again today. Lets hope they can hash out their differences and allow us, the fans, the ones who pay for their salaries to get our sport back. They claim if this meeting goes well they will follow it up on Thursday and Friday. And Pigs Fly!


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  1. It’s a rough time to be an NBA fan. At least DirecTV isn’t being a jerk about it.


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