Devean George Blocks Kidd Trade

The trade was done and both teams were waiting for league approval when Devean George of the Mavericks decided to exercise his right to veto the trade!


Sources close to the situation told that the teams verbally agreed to the deal earlier Wednesday and were preparing to submit the trade for league approval when George informed the Mavericks that he wouldn’t consent to being included in the deal, which is his right based on a rare provision in his one-year contract.

This is a stunning reaction to a trade that would have marked the third blockbuster of the season. How do his teammates feel now? How does Mark Cuban feel? What about Jason Kidd? A career role player like George just ruined his chance to finally be traded to a contender.

Jason Kidd must be absolutely shocked at this point. Can they talk George into changing his mind? Does this make the deal completely done or can they go back and revisit? Unbelievable!

Devean George interview:


  1. It’s ridiculous that an NBA team is handcuffed when trying to trade a player that is at best 8th man on the team who then proceeds to have the worst shooting game in the NBA this season. It’s about winning and the current structure allows a nobody player like Devean George to impede a teams attempt to improve their winning chances.

  2. Completely agreed. And the fact that he thinks he’ll get some max dollars come the off-season is absurd.


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