Denver Nuggets – A Mile Low

The Nuggets got SMOKED by the worst team in the NBA the Sacramento Kings. At least Kings fans got something to celebrate today. Dare we say the Melo distraction is “bleeping up” team chemistry? George Karl is a great coach and no one here at lebasketbawl is questioning that. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the ship from sinking with the 20-15 Nuggets.

The Nuggets HAD 23 TURNOVERS! Lets be frank the Kings aren’t known to play the best D. Their best defensive player Sammy D was only on the floor 17 minutes. That was an improvement for Sammy D. It looks like Coach Westy threw him a bone since he was crying like a bitch for more time. Alas, I digressed we are dissecting the collapsing Nuggets not the loser Kings.

The Nuggets are a team that are shedding salary and are desperately trying to get value for Melo before the February deadline. Losing back to back games to the crap of the West (LAC and SAC) is a telling sign. Barkley said this about a month back and I agree with him “They are a team going through the motions.” How can this team truly know its identity when they all know it is a forgone conclusion their “star” is gone in a month?

The Nuggets management should be giving George Karl strippers for the patch work quilt job he has done keeping this team on the other side of .500.

 Just look at today’s national pieces. All the reporters are cobbling together possible trades for Melo. How could this not possibly be a distraction?!? 

The Nuggets aren’t gonna win it all but they got a shot to at least do some damage in the playoffs. Pull the trigger and ship your Superstar out of town! The sooner George Karl gets his “final” roster the better the chance for Denver fans to have something to cheer about. Otherwise Denver will no longer be known as Mile High. Denver is soon on the road to low. Maybe it is fitting that they lost to the Kings yesterday. Look at what the Sacramento franchise has become. That is what the Denver aspirations have become.

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