Dennis Rodman Arrested…oh boy.


Is Rodman getting arresting again all that surprising? Probably not but it’s still worth writing about!


According to this report, Rodman “struck” a woman causing injuries to her arms at a hotel. Bail was set after his arrest for $50,000 which I’m sure he had no problem paying seeing as the NBA loves feeding maniacs like this millions of dollars.


I will say though that I expected to hear about Rodman going broke before someone like Sprewell…or at least at the same time. Maybe he still puts on that nice wedding dress from time to time to sign and sell a few more Bad As I Wanna Be books.


Supposedly since his last divorce he has been suffering drug and alcochol problems. Somehow I find myself not feeling all that sorry for him. Do you? Wait, isn’t this the guy that only months ago tried to coach a WNBA team? Wow, whoever canceled that idea was thinking ahead!

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