Dare I Say?! Chris Bosh Is Making Sense?

ESPN today wrote a piece saying how Chris Bosh is unhappy with his role in the offense. Normally, I shred a player for speaking out and not keeping it in house. But, in this soap-opera we called the “Miami Heat” the street is where the conversations occur. Add to that my blatant lack of faith in Erik Spoelstra and Bosh makes sense. Spoelstra is over matched. How can you respect a coach who is not even 20 years senior?

Here is the Preying Mantis’s direct quote:

“I’ve got to get back in my comfort zone, I haven’t been in my comfort zone,” Bosh said. “A lot of things are new for me. I just have to be more aggressive in demanding my [the ball] comfort zone, you know I’ll take the fault for that… I’m effective down in the low post area, so that is where I need to start getting the ball. I need to be assertive in demanding it.”

He is 100% correct. He is a low post presence. That is his strength. If he gets the ball too high he is unreliable to drive  the lane. He typically settles for a 18 ft jumper. That is not the case for Wade and Lebron who actually prefer the ball at the top of the key. The Waderon combo strength is making plays by breaking defenders ankles and driving the lane. Just look at what happened to Batum last night against Lebron. It wasn’t pretty.

To be frank there are not that many mouths to feed on the Heat roster. When there is no bench and your starting lineup consists of the threesome, Chalmers, and Dampier it shouldn’t be that hard to get Bosh the ball in the low post. As one of our loyal readers “stranger” says Bosh is the key to their success. They ain’t gonna go far in the playoffs unless they find a way to post up Bosh and add an effective low post presence to their game. Lets hope Coach Spoelestra listens to Bosh and makes the adjustment. Otherwise, he will be out with the rest of the 8.9% of Americans looking for work…

Kobe isn’t gonna make their life any easier Thursday. It is prime time and Kobe loves to assert his dominance on TNT. Kobe will ensure it is 6 straight losses for the Heat. I look forward to Chuck’s corner. I should be a riot!


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