Dan Gilbert- WTF?

December¬†2nd is the day Cleveland fans have waited for. This is Lebron’s judgement day. The time in which he can no longer run from his decision to DeSTROY a city. Cleveland is used to losing but to be denied the right to fight back? Dan Snyder this is JuST WRONG!

The Quicken Loans Arena has banned anti-Lebron merchandise. ESPN wrote this convoluted and sad piece aBOUT all the security measures and police and blah blah blah…Really who truly gives a rat’s ass? Cleveland ain’t dumb they just bitter. Lets be honest here Cleveland is no Philly. No one will be throwing batteries on the floor.

Not allowing the fans to show their displeasure and wear “anti-Lebron” gear is just adding more fuel to the fire. What happened to freedom of speech? Last I checked you don’t need a uniform to go to a NBA game. Heck, the NBA is lucky if people even show up in this economy.

Dan Gilbert, the man who ripped Lebron, is now defending him? Dan really…WTF?

If I’m Cleveland I don’t even BOTHER showing up at the game. Let Lebron play in a completely EMPTY arena. That is what he deserves…..He needs to feel the emptiness that Cleveland felt when his “overpaid” pathetic ass took his “services to South Beach!”

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