CP3 – What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!

Monday mornings in February. Well, technically it’s January but you catch my drift. As I peruse the headlines I found a piece on thepenaltyflagblog stating that Vegas and the Hornets might find a meeting of minds. To be frank I remember reading that the Hornets met their attendance benchmarks they needed to keep the franchise in New Orleans. However, I don’t think the NBA wants to continue to own the Hornets. It is definitely a conflict of interest.

I’m a Vegas lover! There is nothing better then gambling at the Casino Royale at $5 BJ tables and getting a $1.99 footlong hotdog! Add to that the ability to watch NBA level basketball and Vegas becomes an even more enticing vaca spot. I would love the ability to take in a game and not lose all my mula in one long drunk gambling spree! No Casino Royale didn’t pay me for this plug. I just love the bleeping place! Won my first $500 bet there all liquored up one night!

Thepenaltyflagblog made some good arguements about how well bball attendance is over at the Thomas and Mack center for the UNLV rebels. If a college team draws that well I could see an NBA franchise doing better. Especially, because they would be the only show in town. Just look how well San Antonio does as the only pro team. Can you imagine the bright light big city effect the Hornets would get with CP3 and company? Just saying to would be a success! Especially if they were ballsy enough to put an arena right on the strip! ba-bam!


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