Cory Booker is My Basketball Idol

Cory Booker is one heck of an outspoken Mayor. He is mostly known for his crime fighting and education reforming ways in the gritty town of Newark, NJ. I’m a West Coast Baller who is trapped on the East Coast. More specifically in the armpit of America – New Jersey. According to NESN Cory Booker is trying to recruit a new NBA franchise to Newark. Here is the direct quote:

The Sacramento Kings have been trying to move to Anaheim, Calif., and only recently promised to stay put through next season, and the New Orleans Hornets are consistent subjects of relocation rumors. The article also lists the Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Charlott Bobcats as candidates for a move

Cory Booker speaks the truth. I have been to the Prudential Center, It is a damn nice arena. Personally, I’m a fan of the Cigar Bar. You can buy a nice stogey and step out onto the terrace and truly enjoy the moment. Having just one professional sports team in that arena is an underutilization.

He does speak the truth. The NY media can easily handle¬†threeNBA franchises. NY sports fans are as die-hard as they come. Though I personally give the nod to Philly as the sickest fans in America. Lets not forget Magic’s boy Peter Vecsey writes daily for the NY Post. He is an old timer and I’m sure he would concur. A third team would give him more to write about.

Personally, I like the idea because it would continue to give me an option to watch NBA basketball without having to truck into the Garden and cross the river. Getting in and out of Newark is cake and the arena is worth the treck. Cory Booker keep beating the drum it can’t be that hard to grab MJ’s Charlotte Franchise. I’m sure MJ would like to be relevant again and what better place then the NY market?

With James Dolan f’in up the Knicks and firing Donnie Walsh I for one would like to have another franchise to root for…I’m sure NY Vinnie would have agreed!

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