Corned Beef Hash Of The NBA

The Raptors and Hornets have completed a 5 player trade. Basically Corned Beef Hash on a plate—a whole lot of crap. When I was a kid I ate it and loved it….ahhh the glory days of Corned Beef Hash. This was before I realized what I was eating.

Here are the players in the deal: Hornets move Peja Stojakovic and Bayless and the Rueful Raptors move Jarret Jack, David Anderson and Marcus Banks. ESPN explains all the contracts if you care…..lebasketbawl don’t.

Lebasketbawl (aka kObEoFnBa with NY Vinnie MIA and Cousin Pauly buried under a pine tree in NJ) gives the edge to the Raptors. Bryan Colangelo has always been crafty with the trades. The Raptors lack a star and though Stoja isn’t a stud he is a SOLID 3-pt shooter. The Raptors are going to be bad this year but they may be able to steal a few games down the stretch with  Stoja nailing some three’s down the stretch.

Moving Jack doesn’t effect them in the least. Jarrett Jack has always been an erractic and out of control player. Remember his days in Portland? He is an energy guy but not a starting PG in the NBA. They will be just fine giving Jose Calderon more minutes at the 1.

Give Colangelo credit at least he got the Raptors name in the news for a few days. You never know Stoja might play like a man possessed with an expiring contract and dare I say you get some bang for your 14 million? If not the Raptors just got to eat some corned beef on a plate.

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