Clippers End 2011 with 40 wins

Yes, I may still be a little drunk and in a turkey coma… I may be one of those psychos that shops on Black Friday. I am one sick mofo when it comes to prognostication (at least in my own mind). The days of Clipper fans brown bagging it may be over.

I watched the Clip DESTROY the Kings tonight on TNT. What’s up Chuck? Blake Griffin is for real he had 25 and 15. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Add that to Eric Gordan’s 28 and the Clippers have just returned to relevancy.

I have Chuck’s back with support for Vinny Del Negro. His emotional and outlandish style is good for LA. Trust me I know since I’m a LaKeRs lover. Del Negro may finally be onto something. He might be best suited leaving Baron “F-A-Tman” Davis on the bench.

When you look at this team you see names. Legit NBA names – Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman, Randy Foye, and F-A-Tman Davis. Add that to newbies like Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu and this team is well on its way. Del Negro has been coaching them on the fly with regards to the NBA way. The results are beginning to emerge. They took out the Hornets Monday and the Kings on gobble, gobble day. The Clip got nearly a week to prep for the falling Suns. Dare I say they may be in the midst of a 3 game win streak?

I might be snorting coke off Capri Anderson’s body (see below) but

I think the Clip could win 40 games…..ok in reality I’m reaching but 25-30 games is still not out the realm of possibility. For once in this hapless franchise they are no longer an embarrassment.

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  1. It’s been awesome watching Griffin tear it up this season. Wish they could put some wins up for him.


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