Chris Paul is Now a Clipper. An NBA Joke.

I Describe this trade in three words – A Bleeping Joke! The NBA owned team (Hornets) sent the best PG in the game to the racist Don Sterling. Why might you ask? To try to revive the joke of the NBA— The Los Angeles Clippers. Lets be honest. The Lakers already have a great audience. The Clippers do not. Why not spread the wealth around the NBA. LA is a huge market. Since the NBA is a show why not entice Hollywood? I’m sure Jessica Alba is a happy woman today. She has a reason to go to more Clip games. No reason to give Chris Paul to the Lakers when you can revive a dead franchise in the same building.

In reality there are only 5 markets that mean anything – New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami (because Lebron exists), and Dallas. That’s it. Post lockout Stern wisely decided to pump up one of only two markets that has two teams – NY and LA. In fact, LA almost had 3 teams! Remember last year when the Kings were looking into Anaheim? They would have been the Anaheim Kings of Los Angeles. The NBA seems more like a Ponzi scheme then it does an Association.

Here’s the trade directly from ESPN:

The Clippers will send guard Eric Gordon, center Chris Kaman, forward Al-Farouq Aminu and Minnesota’s unprotected 2012 first-round pick to the Hornets for Paul. The Clippers will also receive two future second-round picks.

Stern is trying to rebuild the New Orleans franchise. This is shady as shady comes. Sell off the pieces and stockpile the 2012 first round pick to attempt to recruit an owner in a damaged economy. This move solidifies one thing. That the Hornets will be in Las Vegas by 2013. The big argument against Vegas was the fear the Hornet’s would throw games. That “an ugly” element will creep into the NBA. There is nothing more shady then how this CP3 trade went down. So as far as I’m concerned feel free to ship the Hornets to Vegas. There is no legitimacy to this league— it has all been lost!

Does this make the Clippers better? Duh?! Obviously. Does this help the Hornets? Hmmm. I guess. Ask Memphis how long it took for them to rebuild. How bout those Timberwolves? If the goal is for the Hornets to suck then Stern was genius.

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