Chris Bosh Is Scared Of His Baby’s Mama

Certain athletes have mental toughness. Chris Bosh is not one of them. We have covered his crying ad nauseam. Now, we get to cover his “baby momma drama.” Allison Mathis and Chris Bosh have a beautiful baby girl. Chris Bosh stomped out Allison’s chance at 15 minutes of glory.  

Allison was supposed to appear on basketball wives. However, Bosh’s legal action stopped this and allowed the dreaded Royce Read to return. I don’t watch this show nor do I care too. Though I will gladly take more naked pics of Jennifer Williams.

Chris Bosh needs to refocus himself on this thang called bball. He is way tooooo distracted. Who cares if she went on basketball wives?!?! Maybe she would tell the world that he cries, while making love, and can only climax while performing a voodoo ritual with a duck sex toy.


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