Cavaliers Teammates Say King James Was Born To Be A Star


Born for greatness? There’s no question that Friday night at the Q, home grown LeBron James took another step towards greatness, saving the  Cleveland Cavaliers season as he sank a three-point hoop at the buzzer as the Cavaliers beat Orlando 96-95 to tie their best of seven Eastern Conference Finals series at one game apiece.

The Q was so quiet when the shot went up, you could almost hear a pin drop. Then once he went through, you couldn’t hear anything. In the span of one second, Cleveland went from a funeral to Mardi Gras. It was that much of a momentum shift for a team that had not had their backs against the wall much at all in 2009.

“I don’t know what to say, but he was born to do that,” Sasha Pavlovic said after the game. “That’s amazing, I don’t kiow what to say – it’s unbelievable.”

The play was meant to be an alley opp, as Mo Williams was supposed to lob it up to James. But Hedo Turkoglu took away the option, and James took it back outside, instead going for the win. It paid off.

“You couldn’t hear anything but a roar,” James said. “Those fans deserved it. That was the biggest shot I’ve made in my career. A second is a long time for me, for others it’s very short. As a kid you practice those moments.”

It was a moment that the Cavs and their fans will relive for a long time to come, and if the team continues their run in the playoffs, it will go down as a saving moment that the team needed in the worse way possible.

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