Cavaliers Not Satisfied Just Making Conference Finals; The Ring’s the Thing!

If you listen to the Cavaliers following their second straight sweep of another Eastern Conference┬áteam on Monday night – 84-74 over the Atlanta Hawks, it was treated quite a bit like it was just another win.

And why not?

This Cavs team, led by a player that wears the same number as the great Michael Jordan, is as focused as any team we’ve seen in this league for a long time. It would have been easy for them to get high on the horse after this win, but instead, they treated it like it was no big deal.

“It is not a celebration because this is not home for us. This is not where we want to be,” Mo Williams said. “Home for us is holding up that ball (the NBA championship trophy). That is when our celebration starts. That is all that we think about.”

They are the favorites to win it all, and with the performance like that of Monday night when they had way too many turnovers and missed way too many foul shots, yet still won by 10, it’s not hard to get excited about what could lie ahead for the Cavs and their starved fans.

“We ought to feel good about this win, because we got it in an ugly manner,” said Mike Brown. “I’m sure Atlanta probably feels like they didn’t play their best. I know offensively, we didn’t play our best.”

Just imagine if they do start to play their best! As the Magic and Celtics try to fight it out for a chance to play the Cavs, they could almost start the celebration now for a trip to the NBA Finals.

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