Can Kobe Fight Through The Pain?

Kobe Bryant the 6th leading point scorer in the NBA is limping. This is troubling and goes to show you never know what is going to happen in the postseason. The Lakers are nothing without the aging Bryant. They are also playing coy with regards to the extent of the injury to the ankle. Phil Jackson is on the the record stating “This is not going to go away anytime soon.” This will be an lingering injury throughout the playoffs. Does Kobe have the “balls” the inner desire to fight through the pain and physical limitations to win yet another championship? If he can do this he will be the only player to have won two “three-peats.”

This playoff run may finally enable Kobe to rise out of the “MJ Shadow.” Of course that will require him to play balls out and not hold back for tomorrow. Kobe has managed his knees carefully but his injured ankle may put undo pressure on those fragile knees. He has got to play like a warrior ala the “2001 Allen Iverson” if he wants to reach the top and stick it to his non-believers.

The Dallas Mavericks are a good team. They border on physically superior and have received some key points from battle tested vets like “Peja Stojakovic” and an unusually steady Dirk Nowitzski. Add Mark Cuban’s psychosis and the Terry-Blake “push” to the mix and we have the making of a drama filled series. I’m peeing myself with excitement in anticipation of Manic Monday…


  1. You know,i don’t think its a matter of balls.We know Kobe got heavy XXL ones but he might as well have the biggest in the galaxy but if his body don’t follow the hairy ones i guess that’ll be all folks.Cause in my opinion if you break down them Lakers carefully heres what you come across with:Lamar Odom is the only guy that really gets my respect,since he figured out that he aint gonna be Magic Johnson he been doing what he is really capable of,Fish,yeah he hits clutch shots,plays d but i can probably beat him in a one on one,now what’s left..Spanish oh so delicate boy became from Pau-pow Gasol to Im sipping on my capuccino while wearing my Prada sandals Gasol,Blake (do you blame me for not remembering his first name?) is like the dork that could get a girl or two cause he could play a bit of decent ball,Barnes should just give it up man and join LA INK or whatever INK,Bynum can get injured while shaving,Ron Ron has the ugliest style of play and it would be nice if he would visit planet earth a couple of times a week,Brown can just jump more or less,Luke (is he still playin’) is a breathin proof that if your dad knows important people you can go high in life,Phil gets due respect but he can do as much.So i quess if Kobe can’t lay some pressure on that ankle then it’s adios..Lakers esso sas

    • Mikey I could not have described it better. I even gave you a shoutout on my mavs-lakers piece. My boys are in trouble and it is a bitter bitter thang to bite down on!

  2. Thanx for the shoutout my man..Ok if the Lakers are your boys i’ll try no to be as mean in the future.Thing is though after game two its too damn hard..and did you see that blow by “tru warrier”(man please)?

  3. How could I miss that blow?!? Artest got frustrated clear and simple. He don’t got the skill set to be a defensive stopper any longer. He reverted back to his schoolyard ways and just clotheslined the midget Barea..



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