Brockman is Rodman?

When you pick up an old Chicago Bulls tape featuring highlights of Michael Jordan and all you care about are the snippets of Dennis Rodman in the background, you know you were born to rebound!

Jon Brockman of the Washington Huskies has become an amazing rebounder during his days at U-Dubb and is considered by some of his rival coaches as one of the best in all of college basketball. Brockman, only a junior, is on his way to capturing his second straight PAC-10 rebounding title with hopes of returning for his senior year to entertain a third.

The guy plays with more heart than most and actually lives up to the quote of “He left it all out on the floor.” Rodman might actually be proud of this kid…well once we get him a tattoo or two.

Read more on Jon Brockman here.

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