Bow Down Before the Great King! Hollywood Heat Take Game 1

There is no secret here. I’m pulling for the Mavericks even though I have a financial interest in the Heat. I call it as I see it. I told Lebron to shut his trap less then a week ago. Well, Lebron, you can talk as much crapola as you want today. You earned it. I have to shut my trap. Lebron’s stat line was impressive – 24 Pts, 9 Reb, 5 Ast, 1 Stl. He came to play. The Big 3, the Hollywood Heat, are 3 games away from hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy! The entire state of Ohio is nauseous. The smell of vomit is waifing it’s way to Miami.

It is only game 1. However, the writing may be on the wall. Nowitzki tore a ligament in his pinky finger on his non-shooting hand. I can see the built in excuse forming for Dallas. Lets hope that Dirk can keep his Diggler hard and step up even with his injury. The Mavs can’t win unless Dirk is playing at 110%. They also need Jason Terry to get the stick out of his ass. A 12 point game just ain’t gonna get it done…. Stop on back to LB tomorrow for my detailed Finals analysis!

The King may soon align himself with the likes of MJ and Magic…


  1. Well the numbers ain’t that impressive but if you have 2 other movie….sorry basketball stars on the team they cant be out of this world.Yeah “King i’ll do anything to live up to the entertainment” is pretty good but he’ll NEVER be even worthy to spread butter on MJ’s and Magic’s toast in my book.Hell to the no. Go i love Burt Reinolds.

  2. Burt was the shit in that movie wasn’t he?!? Pippen looks dumb. MJ’s sidekick saying LEbron is betteR? idiotic!

  3. Did Scottie Pippen say that “Burger King” is better than MJ?Burt=the man


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