Boston Celtics 101: How to Beat the Heat in 4 Steps

Doc Rivers is a good Boston coach. The high point of his career was out-coaching Phil Jackson in the 2008 Finals. Erik Spoelstra is a young Miami coach. At times I wonder if Dwayne Wade and Lebron are the real coaches. Heck you saw it two games ago when Lebron waived off Spoelstra’s request for a timeout at the end of the 2nd quarter. That ain’t the first nor is it the last time Erik Spoelstra got over-ruled. It is fun to watch the players coach themselves. However, this is a weakness the Celtics need to exploit if they want to escape this series— Step 1. Today is a must win! No team has ever came back from 3-0. Boston is older then the fossilized dog shit in my backyard. However, they still have enough basketball prowess to make it a series.  

Shaquille O’Neal is going to play today- Step 2. This is a good spot for the has been to show up. Considering he has played 20 minutes all year! If Shaq can play with any effectiveness Boston should be able to steal this game. Shaq needs to keep his geriatric ass planted in the middle of the lane. Knock the crap out of Bosh and Lebron. Shaq is FAT, SLOPPY, and OBESE. His skills have deteriorated. However, all he needs to do is find his inner Bill Laimbeer. If he can at least deter them from driving uncontested into the lane the game will be low scoring.

The big 3 of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen have got to play- Step 3. They must be on the floor regardless of their injuries. They must rewind the clock 2 years and play to that level. Otherwise, the Miami Heat are going to walk into a matchup with actual competition against the Bulls.

Rajon Rondo played a great game 2 even with his back injury – 20 Pts, 6 Reb, 12 Ast, 1 Stl. He needs to repeat that performance.- Step 4. The novice still says the Celts big three is Pierce, Garnett, and Allen. In reality Rondo has replaced Allen in the big 3. At this point Allen is just a spot up 3 point shooter. If Rondo can continue his high level of play and find Ray Allen on the wing then the Celts should be able to squeeze out a win.  The Celts need Rondo to find his inner “Allen Iverson” and carry this team to a series win. Eight hours till tip off – should be some good ball! 


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