Blazers vs. Wizards: Gut Rot!

I usually am not into putting up recaps or stories from games I’ve attended but I had so much fun doing my NCAA running tourney blog that I thought I would do some more!

This is not necessarily a running blog, but it is a “Life of Kellex” sort of blog. I hope you all don’t mind?

We were at the Blazers vs. Wizards the other night here in Portland and found ourselves in awe of what the Blazers were doing. Aldridge was out with an ankle issue and Brandon Roy went down early with a nasty groin injury that will keep him out at least 2 weeks.

The Blazers though, without their two stars, tore the hell out of Washington and the game was never really close. Martell Webster had a hell of a night and was unconscious most of the time. Travis Outlaw had himself a night too and James Jones was killing it as usual from deep.

What an atmosphere the Rose Garden has become again!

And if someone can find me video of ‘Blaze’ the mascot dropping cake all over some grandma’s face, I will love you forever.

True fan!

Is this what court-side money gets you? A seat next to Mr. Kiwi?

Top view before the game. I still love this scoreboard every time I see it. Thank you Paul Allen for being a huge nerd and making millions!

Blaze owning up some fan with silly string. (Blaze is pretty much the worst mascot in the history of the game, but when he goes all air blown and puffy, it’s worth watching.)

Oh lord, what are we thinking?

Oh my, what the hell was I thinking?

See not even close…thanks Wizards for making that road trip!

Loving Portland right now with Blazer mania. You can really feel the buzz starting to come back and everyone is so freakin’ excited for next year.

Thanks for letting me share my adventures!

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