Blazers “Pritch-slap” the NBA Draft…Again

They did again! The Portland Trail Blazers came into the draft without a lot of noise and left making all kinds of racket. This would be the 3rd year in a row that the NBA Draft was owned by this up and coming franchise from the northwest. They may not have made the playoffs since 2003, but those days will soon be over as they added yet another remarkable piece to what should be a future dynasty to watch out for.

So what did they do?

They started the night with the 13th overall pick in a draft that really only had 10-11 players worth much. From there, they waited and waited all the while knowing what they were about to do. Yes, swindle another team for basically nothing while snatching up what appears to be a future star in the league.

After Indiana drafted Jerryd Bayless 11th overall, some questions came out that with TJ Ford also on his way, that Tinsley may be on the outs. Little did anyone know that the Blazers had most likely orchestrated Indiana’s draft choice into a trade almost immediately after Portland picked up Brandon Rush at #13.

In the deal the Blazers receive Ike Diogu and of course, Jerryd Bayless while they only have to send Brandon Rush, a “bust” in Jarrett Jack, and a “who cares” type of player in Josh McRoberts.

Jerryd Bayless will fill up the point for the Blazers and likely make an immediate impact that I’m not sure anyone else in the draft could have. Their smoke signals on DJ Augustin worked well as no one in the entire NBA figured Bayless was on their radar. In fact, Bayless said himself that Portland didn’t even work him out and was surprised by the deal.

As a guy living in Portland, I’m not surprised. Welcome Jerryd! You can thank Kevin Pritchard for getting you out of that midwest garbage can. (Yeah that was harsh, but it pretty much is right now.)


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  1. Jack is hardly a bust. 22nd overall picks don’t often find a situation where they can be part of an NBA rotation. He is a good player and a young player. He’s already started for an NBA team for a season and if he continues to improve he will be a starter again some day.



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