Big NBA News: Featuring Josh Childress (Iverson Heading to Memphis?)

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Big NBA News. We got some good stuff in for us today so let’s go. These are some pretty big rumors and I really do think these are the ones you definitely don’t want to miss!

Mike Bibby

Atlanta Hawks point guard was given some rumors that he may go to Philadelphia to play for the Sixers.

But Sixers fans, you might want to stop cheering and put your hands down. The Sixers aren’t interested in Bibby, according to the Inquirer.

But heck, it would be real nice for Philly to get him. But as for right now, he’s chilling in Atlanta.

He is also looking to bring the Hawks to the playoffs again and hopefully passing the second round and not getting killed by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

My bad, Atlanta. Sorry for bringing back bad memories.

Ricky Rubio

Jeez Ricky!

I really don’t understand what’s the point of him coming to the NBA after reading this about him going back to Spain to play professionally for two more years!

But it won’t matter because if he wants to return to the NBA, the Timberwolves still hold the rights to him. So Ricky, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t want to play for Minny, just try to make the best of it, okay?

Nah, he won’t.

Hedo Turkoglu

Hedo Turkoglu, he recently opted out of his contract with the Orlando Magic, shouldn’t be really happy right now.

The Toronto Raptors were about to give him a $60M contract but they decided not to, according to The Star.

We’ll see what happens, maybe Toronto be decide to again. And teams going for a bid?

As of right now, not many. Sorry, Hedo. Want to go back to Orlando? Nah, I really think he doesn’t. Let him wait, he’ll get the deal and the team he wants.

New Orleans Hornets

The Times-Picayune reports that the New Orleans Hornets are deciding to acquire the following free agents:

Mikki Moore
Maceo Boston
Jake Voskuhl reports that the Hornets are also taking a look at former-Hornet, Brandon Bass.

Let’s see who they pick because all of the players look interesting to me. Moore might fit well.

I don’t know who to pick, it’ll be a tough decision. But hey, why not , sign them all. But nah, it’ll probably be a not-so-smart idea.

Josh Childress

The Journal Times reports that the Milwaukee Bucks are trying out Josh Childress, who the last NBA team he played with was the Atlanta Hawks after moving to the Olympioacos.

Childress has been called by many NBA teams, and he does look like he can fit nicely with the team after that trade that sent Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs.

Here is the biggest news of the day!  Allen Iverson announced that he wanted to play for the Memphis Grizzlies, ESPN reports. Here’s what Iverson said on his Twitter:

“I’m a free agent, healthy again, and capable of signing with any team. My only preference will be [is] to play for a coach that knows what I bring to the table and that I am going to bring it every night! Someone who best knows how to utilize my skills to make our team the very best it can be. For those of you who thought I was done, think again.”

Whew, A.I. had a lot to say there to all of his fans on Twitter (more than 16,000 to be exact, dang!). Let’s see how everything turns out.

He looks good with the Grizzlies as a new “Big Three” may approach with him, Rudy Gay, and O.J. Mayo. Now that would be nice. We’ll see how it turns out, as of right now, Iverson is probably chilling (and why wouldn’t he?).

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  1. I have to play GM of the Mavericks, because some one has to. On this list I have to go with Mike Bibby, and Hedo Turkoglu. Two mature aging players who know’s how to be professional and will blend in well with the existing cast. The Mavericks have already expressed interest in Gorat so hammering out the numbers would be all’s that’s left.



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