Big Love’s UgLy Biddies

So dare I say the T’Wolves are not as pitiful as we thought? They just beat Sacramento and NY NY. Against NY Big Love scored 30 points and grabbed AN ASTOUNDING 30 BOARDS! Is that his greatness or a testament to HoW BaD the Knick’s interior D truly is? Let’s call a spade a spade….Love isn’t the most athletic man in the NBA. bUT his biddies are some ugly ass peeps. Big Love is one hard working PiMP. Lets take a look at his BoYs:


Granted to be fair this isn’t his current look….that ain’t MUCH better. In fact I think it makes him look more WHOREISH….and he has SOME BIG TEEF if you know what I mean 🙂

Now Sebastian Telfair is mighty CLEAN cut but there is one constant…Big Love likes Biggie Teef.

And for those who like the “preppy boys” Corey Brewer should fit your bill.

The girls who LoVe the “skinny white boy” are in luck! Darko Milicic is there for ya perusing.

Alas, though I poke fun at Love’s BiDDies they have put something together. At 3-7 they may not be the laughing stock of the NBA. This is good news for Target. Their “center” might actually get some positive press before the snow is 10 feet high in January.

Beasley is averaging 20 PPG and WENT OFF against the Kings scoring 42 points. Big Love has scored 18 PPG and averaged nearly 15 boards per game. He WENT OFF against NY Vinnie’s FAV team. Add that to Milicic’s 2.3 BPG and dare I say the Wolves might win 25 games this year? This would be a VAST improvement from their 2010 showing off 15 wins. Kurt Rambis quite possibly learned something from my “GoD” my “MaKeR” Phil “HOF Coach” Jackson. Thank you Phil for giving the EnTiRe state of Minnesota hope. And thank you BIG LOVE for PiMPING out your team…All LaDies like man whores no matter how fuggley they look.


  1. Who wrote this article some of these guys are hot!!!!!

  2. whatever floats ur boat babe…


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