Big Baby? Hibachi? Scott Pippen?

“Big Baby” Davis!

Last night I made the prediction that the Celtics would win by 8, and well, they won by 7! More surprising than my prediction, was the way the Celtics won this game against eastern rival Detroit. Glen “Big Baby” Davis scored a career high 20 points last night to lead Boston while the “Big 3” were the obvious defensive focus. Ray Allen was a non factor for the second night in a row while KG and Pierce were simply shut down by the Pistons in what amounted to lay up after lay up for Davis. Maybe I should start a prediction blog!

Hibachi’d Out?

Gil Arenas is most likely done for the season. That fantastic shoe line won’t get the promotion it deserves this year from Mr. Zero! Gil seems to be pushing his return date back again and again and each time sounds a little less convincing. It really is too bad, the NBA is so much more entertaining with this guy dropping game winners on a nightly basis! He actually said that his knee feels much better than it did after the initial surgery but he seems to be looking out for his future. Can I say that I blame him? I mean, if the Sixers are going to give Andre Iguodala $57 million, what should Agent Zero be expecting?

Pippen Drops 9!

Our favorite broke Chicago Bulls critic Scott Pippen suited up last night! And no it wasn’t for an NBA team, but for the Finland league leader Torpan Pojat! “Topo” had won 19 straight and for whatever reason thought they need Mr. Pippen to help out…he had 9 points. By the way, they beat Honka. I love these team names!

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