Best Jordan Commercials of All Time

Michael Jordan has had his share of great dunks, quotes and game winning shots, but what we really care about are all those amazing commercials he had throughout his historic career! MJ could be considered the “King of Endorsements” and has long been a global icon that no one else has experienced aside from maybe Tiger Woods. Well we researched and took ourselves back to those glory days of really creative commercials in order to bring you the list of MJ’s best; our top 10. Grab ya popcorn!

10. MJ 39 vs. MJ 23

9. MJ vs. Bird – “For Your McDonald’s”

8. Air Jordan 22 Commercial

7. Failure

6. A Moment in Time

5. Air Jordan 23 Commercial

4. 1999 Retirement

3. Spike Lee – “It’s gotta be the shoes!”: Love me some Spike!

2. “Like Mike”: The beginning…

1. The “Banned” Commercial

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