Bam! Do What Your Momma Said Knock Em’ Out

The Lakers are down 3-0. The Mavericks are gonna “Knock em’ out.” Its hard to believe that the#2 seed in the West is gonna get swept. No team in the history of the Association has ever came back from a 3-0 deficit. As I have previously written the Laker legacy is coming to a close. The NBA is now Dirk Diggler’s house. Dirk Nowitski was steller for his 3rd straight game —  32 Pts, 9 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Blk.He has harnessed his past failures and turned them into a resounding success. The Mavericks won their 3rd game in convincing fashion 98-92. Then came back from 7 down with 5 minutes left– the Lakers D just couldn’t hold em’. The Mavs have taken Kobe and Co to the brink of their first failure in 2 years. Phil Jackson will retire as great….but not untouchable. As a die hard Lakers fans it is time to be nostalgic and be thankful for the Kobe era.

I can’t underscore how important a bench is in the playoffs. I firmly believe the Lakers failure (and the to be announced failure of the Heat) is due to a lack of bench. Mark Cuban’s Peja Stojakovic acquisition for a bag of peanuts has given the Mavs that bench. The Mavs already had a past 6th man of the year in Jason Terry (last night scored 23 points). However, Stojakovic’s 15 points off the bench was the key! Especially the tray that Peja buried in the last 5 minutes. Peja has given them the much needed energy to close out the games in the 4th. The Mavs have outscored the Lakers in EVERY 4TH QUARTER. This attests to bench depth. Bench is key in the West. To survive the Wild Wild West you need Depth, Depth, Depth…

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