An Attempt at Recognizing Paul Pierce as the MVP

The overly obvious and predictable happened last night. Paul Pierce walked away with the NBA Finals MVP trophy. Of course many of you know my pick for the MVP (*Cough* Ray Allen), but also to many of you, my pick seemed completely unreasonable and bias. Hmm. Well here is my attempt to understand why Paul Pierce took home the gold after the Celtics won their 17th NBA Championship. (These will all be followed by question marks because I still need some answers.)

  • He has played his entire career in a Boston uniform?
  • He won 24 hours of ESPN time by using the greatest prop in recent history, a wheel chair?
  • He scored 38 points in…in a losing effort?
  • He shot 43% from the field while my pick shot 51%, but that’s ok because he must have been playing really solid defense?
  • He went 2-14 in a game 3 loss, but that also doesn’t matter when your knee is probably hurting from game 1 and a long flight?
  • Setting records for 3 pointers made in the NBA Finals is a meaningless stat?
  • Hurting his knee is more of a feel good story than my pick’s child’s diabetes diagnosis?
  • He has a really neat nickname that Commissioners can use to gain respect back after being booed?

And the last reason I can think of…

  • Obviously Jesus has won enough praise and didn’t need an NBA Finals MVP trophy?


  1. This post comes off as remarkably bitter, as if Ray Allen were horribly robbed by some utterly undeserving asshole.

    Look, yes, it was a sort of lifetime achievement award, for plugging away on so many mediocre-to-terrible Celtics teams. The Celtics as currently constituted are a sucky team to try to assign an individual award like MVP to anyway.

    I think Ray Allen will manage to live somehow with the championship ring.

  2. I know I know…the basic idea is that I wish Ray got just a little more credit than anyone is willing to give him.

    The guy had a remarkable series and it seemed that before this series ever started we all knew Pierce would be getting this award.

  3. I am with you Kellex, I would have taken Ray Allen over Paul “it’s The Truth right” Pierce. It’s like no relaized that Allen was stuck on Kobe abd played excellent defense, but Pierce gets the credit because he played a few minutes in the 4th on him. If not for Allen’s clutch shooting (51% from a majority jump shooter), setting records for 3’s in a series and tying the mark for most in a game. Ray should up on the defensive and offensive ends. So I am bitter with you, no disrespect to Pierce though.


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