Are You Kidding Me: No to $57 Million?

Andre Iguodala turned down a $57 million dollar contract! What the…! Does he think he’s worth more? Do other NBA teams feel he’s worth more? He spoke with his buddy Kobe Bryant this past summer and received a little advice on how the process should work and if he could possibly receive more money.

“I’ve talked to him,” Kobe said, ‘You have to be able to prove that you can command that top dollar, that you can do what they said you can’t do. Just go out and play. If there’s a team out there that feels you can command that value, then you’ll get it.'”

Kobe, you better be right boy!

With Iguodala not accepting a new contract, he will become a free agent in the off season and will hope to receive top dollar offers from multiple teams. However, if he is offered a contract, the Sixers reserve the right to match whatever offer another team may give. Chances are he’ll be back in Philly; the Sixers would be idiots to let a talent like this go.

But will the Sixers think that he is worth more than $57 million at the end if this year? In only his 4th year in the league, we’ve seen some improvement in the youngster’s game but not a potentially franchise changing level. He took over as the star of the Sixers last year with the departure of the original AI and averaged a solid 18 points per game and almost 6 rebounds and 6 assists per game. This year, the points are up to 19, the rebounds are the same and the assists are down; not exactly earth shattering progress for someone that should be playing for that big off season contract.

This story was brought to light again with the Sixers visiting the Lakers last night and Kobe fielding more questions about Andre. Kobe seems to think this kid could be the next big thing as long as he works for it, oh and maybe the fact that they share the same agent? I wonder if Rob Pelinka will drop Kobe a percent of that bonus he’ll receive in the off season for AI’s new deal?

Andre isn’t the only young player to turn down millions in the off season and probably won’t be the last. $57 million…wow.

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  1. Andre is an idiot and his agent is either feeding him BS or doesn’t know how to do his job. No one is going to over pay for a #2 player at best. What makes him look even dumber is the Sixers will be the only likely team with enough cap room to over pay for him anyway. Chances are he will get the deal he was offered or maybe even less if the market doesn’t jump on him. Just dumb!


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