Are you kidding me: Allen Iverson, All-Star starter?

Are you freaking kidding me? Allen Iverson of the Denver Nuggets actually got voted in as a starter for the west All-Stars? NBA basketball fans have absolutely disappointed the hell out of me this time. I truely have no response for this except a stern head shake.

Is it the ridiculous corn-rows that went out of style 5 years ago? Is it the arm sleeve that also went out of style 5 years ago? Is it the absurd amount of tattoos he has on his neck? Is it the fact that he hates practice and shoots the ball 19.5 times per game and makes only 8? Is it because he does that we’re only getting away with this in the NBA cross-over? Is it because he uses his lack of body weight to flop all over the court and get laughable fouls called for him? WHAT IS IT?

What are you all missing with Chris Paul and Steve Nash? The stat comparisons between the three are not even close! The only category you can put AI ahead in is obviously points and that goes back to his 19.5 shots per game and a whopping 45% of those made. Steve Nash and Chris Paul are class acts, show respect for the game, and always do the right thing. AI has represented the downfall of the NBA since he entered the league back in 1996. The whole selfish, me against the world attitude is pathetic. He’s gone through more coaches and teamates than possibly anyone in the league and it all comes down to his character.

I just absolutely hate to see great people lose great opportunities because of the ignorance of other people. I understand the NBA All-Star starters are voted based on popularity while half of the really deserving players are hand picked by the coaches after the fact. And I also do not want to see the way the All-Star voting is done, changed at all. I just wish people would get off the thuglife #1 basketball jock strap and wake up.


  1. 1.ridiculous corn-rows that went out of style 5 years ago…

    what are you 50? Melo..with the cornrows…

    2.Is it the arm sleeve that also went out of style 5 years ago?

    Kobe.Melo.Wade.Nate Robinson.VC.T-Mac.LeBron……all wear it…who started it???

    So a 27 point 7 assist 2 steal guy whose team has a 62% record leads the North-west is undeserving of it????

    Give me a break man……It’s what the fans’s what the fans want to see.. Aren’t you a fan??? I think you what is your problem???

    It’s funny you mention Iverson’s low FG and his no of shot attempts…Iversons primary role is to score, so what does he do?? Shoot…like all our great scorers…Kobe.LeBron…

    Kobe takes..21 shots a game and is converting 44% of those…why don’t you take him of the team? why cause he averages .6 points more?? LeBron takes 22 shots a game..

    CP3 is averaging 16 shots a game and making a blistering 48%..guess what?? His job isn’t scoring!!! It’s getting the team invovled…AI’s been playing the SG role..actually forget about positions… his 7 apg isn’t enough??? Is it bad?? Oh wait you prbably expect the man to go out there and grab 8 rebounds a game to be worthy of an all star selection..

    Just because other players are deserving of a starting spot doesn’t make AI less deserving…what you going to say now??? CP3 and Nash have led their teams to amazing records??? well then what about D-Wade being in there? Ummm…Jason Kidd???? Those guys are pretty “undeserving” too if your going by team success….

    Don’t hate man and enjoy a the legacy that this legend is leaving behind…There ain’t going to be another AI…you ain’t going to see a 6’0 guard going for 60 or averaging 33 points a game for a long time if not ever…There might be more CP3’s (See Deron Williams)….AI is a unique player and he is still playing like the superstar he is…

  2. i would have to disagree with ankit on one point. that is deron williams likened to chris paul. yeah, williams is a good pg but he’s not yet as good as cp3. for now at least

  3. yea ofcourse cp3 is doing great at this point…but deron is also a pass first point guard with a jumpshot…not as good as a pentrator as cp3 but im saying he can get there…its not out of the question that they can be similar but yes cp3 is abit superior right now

  4. Nash or Paul for sure, agreed.


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