Antonio Harvey, Pathetic Radio Personality for the Blazers

As I cruised back from the gym tonight around 9:30 p.m., I flipped over to 750 AM to catch the end of the Blazers vs. Lakers game. Sure enough, the game turned out to be a pretty decent one until the final minutes when Nate McMillan was tossed and the young Blazer team fluffed away into the Hollywood night. Kobe was his normal self, dropping 30 points with 11 of them coming in the 4th quarter. The Lakers continue to prove to everyone that the Gasol trade was the most significant before the trade deadline and they are truly the team to beat in the NBA.

With that said, let me get back to the 750 AM radio broadcast I tuned my car radio onto. When I started listening to the game, it was the 4th quarter and the Blazers had just lost a pretty sizeable lead and Kobe was starting to get a few ‘Superstar’ calls here and there. So he jacks up some shot or takes Travis Outlaw to the whole and draws a foul which is followed by a quick break in the action.

During this break, pimp-daddy loudmouth extraordinaire Antonio Harvey of the Blazers radio crew decides to drop a quick line about Kobe’s injured pinkie. The man actually says, “If I was playing, I’d punch Kobe in the hand just to make sure it was actually injured. Just to test it to see how bad it is. That is just something you gotta do out there.”

WHAT?!? I’m pretty sure a former Miami Hurricane announcer was just fired over similar comments. Now I am definitely not a Kobe Bryant fan and I could be considered a Portland Trail Blazer fan seeing as I live in Portland and attend as many games as possible; this still pissed me off!

I can see players testing Kobe’s hand or giving it a bump here or there just to make sure Kobe knows what he’s in for, but ‘punching’ his hand? Who the hell says crap like that? Antonio “3.0 pt/game career average” Harvey?

Do I think he should be fired for these comments? No. Do I think he is one of the worst radio personalities on the planet? Absolutely. I’ve never heard an insightful or informative comment come out of this guy’s mouth which is probably why I rarely find myself listening to a Blazer broadcast. The really sad thing about it all, is that Brian Wheeler, the other half of the Blazer radio team does a fantastic play-by-play job. It’s too bad he has Harvey the Clown bringing down the quality of his work like this.

By entertaining a pathetic basketball career, he was hand fed any job he wanted and that happened to be a job with the Portland Trail Blazers. Sorry Blazers fans, I think you are stuck with this loser for the long run. Thank God for the Comcast deal!


  1. For future reference…You dont take someone to the whole…You take them the “HOLE”!!!

  2. you are a terrible writer maybe you should go back to school and learn some grammar.

  3. blazers are gonna beat the lakers anyway


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