Andrew Bynum Got the Screw Job

Bynum was suspended by the NBA for two games. He already served one game of the suspension and has one to go. This is an anal raping! I must defend my Lakers honor! The play Bynum made is not worthy of a two game benching.  Rambis (the poor man with the HC job in Minnesota) wasn’t even sure if it was a flagrant foul 2 until “after he watched the tape.” All the hee-hah’s are gonna say Bynum didn’t make a play for the ball. Michael Beasley is a-ok  folks! He took a shot….just like Allen Iverson did every night of his career.

Last I checked this was basketball, not pussyball! We aren’t playing shuffleboard people! This is basketball and physicality is part of the game. Taking away the ability to “defend your paint” is turning this game into a bunch of whistles. For once I want to see the refs allow men to be men. I’m sure NY Vinnie can respect that- Man VS Man.

Remember the days of the “bad boys of Detroit.” That was when basketball actually had enforcers and the paint actually meant something. Heck, even Birdman was afraid to go down the middle of the Piston’s D. Bill Laimbeer was as dirty and strong as they came.

Intimidation is a key part of the professional game. Taking this “mind-bleep” away from the players weakens the game and turns it into the “greatest show on hardwood.” Its just a matter of time until the Globetrotters and Washington Generals become franchises in the Association. Trickery and being cute is more important than men being men! Finesse has replaced physicality and that is a calculated mistake the NBA has made.


  1. Amen to that brother.


    New York Vinnie agrees that Beasley looked like he took a flop when Your Boy Bynum caught him in the chest with the elbow. New York Vinnie thought the blow was errant and no way should it be a flagrant foul 2. New York Vinnie hated those Bad Boys teams though, still remember when “The CHIEF” Robert Parish slugged LaimBrain in the FRICKIN mouth! HOO-HAA!

  3. I remember the Chief’s fistacuffs….where you and i differ…. i freakin’ love the bad boy teams….bring em’ back…they all wear skirts noW!

  4. Damn straight boys,and as for the bad boys i hated them then but i miss the crap out of them now.I’ll tell you what..i dont even watch bball nowadays cause its so boring and im talking about every aspect of it.even the nets on the baskets get on my nerves..they look that they didnt come out of the factory right..Pussy play is one of the main reasons too.Seems like players are like soldiers that if they move while standing at attention they gonna catch it,or like workers at a factory that work like machines.Its terrible.Well they are no angels either cause it seems to me that the are a bunch of pretty boys with more tatoos than skills.

  5. best line of that post “it seems to me that the are a bunch of pretty boys with more tatoos than skills.” -AMEN BROTHER

  6. you know it man..i’m sure someone used that one before,but seriously i’d rather watch my old tapes rather than the “birdman” or Lebron throwing powder for the baby’s a## in the air or CP3,CPR,HRV or whoever.Plus you take the emotion and passion out of the game by not even allowing the players letting off some steam in the heat of the game and punishing a player for sending a message with a hard foul cause you’r scared that the fourteen year old sitting on the front row will be traumatized for life,well that about does it for me


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