An Open Apology To Rafer Alston

Rafer “Skip to my Lue” Alston you proved me wrong! I have to give you the nod of approval in Blogsville. I shouted from the roof tops that Nelson should be playing your minutes. I have to acknowledge the egg on my face! Alston did what I thought Nelson would do (at least in game 3). He was sharp with his passes and was hitting his shots. Alston pointed Marc Jackson’s way during the broadcast as if to silence his critics. He was determined scoring 20 points with 8 of 12 shooting, 4 assists, 2 rebounds, and only 3 turnovers.

Maybe Rafer listened to Marc’s critiques from the ABC broadcasts. Maybe he realized 5 PPG won’t get it done and that crying about playing time doesn’t help anyone. Whatever the reason he brought it. He penetrated and drove the lane and hit circus shots. He enabled the offense to execute with efficiency. The Magic’s field goal percentage was off the hook at halftime (75%) and didn’t decline dramatically as the game went on. The 62% field goal percentage was the best in NBA Finals history. Alston’s play was the catalyst for the Magic’s amazing play on the offense end.

I was right about one thing. Amazing point guard play from the Magic was a necessity if they had a chance at beating the Lakers. I was wrong as to which point was going to bring the stellar play. I have to concede to the critics and acknowledge that SVG’s gamble to bring Nelson back was a mistake. SVG gets props for giving it a shot. The telltale sign of a great leader is to make decisions and acknowledge mistakes in a timely manner. Though SVG personality drives me insane I have to say good adjustment for rolling with Alston in game 3. The ex street ball player propelled the Magic to their first win in NBA Finals history. That along with good play from Turkoglu and Howard on the offense end gave them enough to win by four. I would like to see more defense from Turk but beggars can’t be choosers and a W is a W.

What will happen in game 4? Blogosphere give me your opinions? I can’t lie I have wavered during this series BUT I still am pulling for the Magic. The Magic need to win the next two games to pull off the series. That my friends is a tough task. Do any of you actually think Rafer can keep this up? Do you believe in the MAGIC or do you see this win as a one win wonder? We are in June who will be crowned the 2009 NBA Word Champions?

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