Ain’t Karma a Bitch?

Delonte West Broke his Wrist. Karma’s a bitch…that’s what ya get for banging Lebron’s Mom!

So lets be honest paybacks are a bitch.

You ain’t doing dick anyway Delonte. I don’t think ya Celts are gonna miss 7 PPG. Maybe while your on your “injury” vaca you can hook back up with Gloria.


  1. Did LB’s mom really sleep with DW? seems impossible, i mean wtf

  2. never “proven” but implied MANY MANY times….

  3. well i think there might be some flirtin going on between these two but lb’s mom should’ve known better how she could stuff up lb’s team if she had had an affair with DW. she seems to care about lb a lot so she would mostly likely be controllin herself. but hey, u never know what happens under the effect of alcohol.

    Btw, heat had a 4-game winnin streak and they are on top of the world. good on them but they still need to chill because it’s still early in the season, they have to be more consistent. And IMHO the trio should work out a couple of plays so they are tightly connected on the court and form triangle offense instead of turn each possession into a 1-on-1 game. hopefully they could get better and become a legit title contender and a team that can stand up to magic, celts and potentially lakers. then that’d be a good show.



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