Option to Monetize your Sports Blog: Clickbooth

What’s up everyone! I know that this post seems sort of “off topic” but it’s definitely one that many sports bloggers should look at if they aren’t already. The whole idea of monetizing your sports blogs has become a hot topic as of late and the Clickbooth CPA Network is one of the options you have out there.

Clickbooth is one of the major CPA networks that offers you all kinds of options to monetize a blog with. It gives you options for email programs, on-site publishing, and search engine marketing. (It is also there if you are looking to advertise your blog, but I wasn’t sure that any of us have budgets large enough to worry about advertising!)

Does this network mesh well with the sports world? I guess that is really for you to figure out for yourself. They aren’t offering programs for sporting goods stores just yet, but they do offer programs for Apple iPhones and video games which we all know fit well with sports fans.

I definitely use Clickbooth on another blog of mine that is geared towards making money with sports blogging and it has worked well at times for me. If you have any questions, shoot me an email or give them a shout.

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