Meet The Staff

Josh Ahlstrom – Author
I’ve been a fan of the NBA my entire life. I grew up during the revival of the NBA. The end of Bird era and the beginning of Jordan. I’m pretty sure that my generation of NBA fans are the most spoiled fans ever. We got to pretend to be some of the best players EVER on the court at the playground and sometimes we didn’t even realize how great they really were. I saw players like Grant Hill rise and fall. I saw Tim Hardaway Sr. (I’m old) crossin’ people over. I saw John Stockton delivering assist after assist to The Mailman. I saw Jordan adapt to the Jordan Rules and win not 1, not 2, not 3, [take a break], then come back and win not 4, not 5…. that’s right. How. Spoiled. I. Am.

Now I get to be spoiled all over again by being involved with some of the best NBA related websites around as a developer over at SignAndTrade and as a writer here at Le Basketbawl.

KobeOfTheNBA – Author

For 3 years Greg Dix aka KoBeOfTheNBA has covered the NBA. He has worked as a writer on a wide array of basketball blogs trying to hack out a cyberliving. He never had his own shop, until now! Greg hails from the City of Brotherly Love and currently resides in the dreaded state of NJ. He gives a West Coast swing to the NBA.

He may live in the East but he acknowledges that Laker Ball is better ball! Greg gives his own “wacked” version of NBA commentary and indiscretions. He loves to elaborate on the idiocy of the game. Perhaps his favorite quote comes from the now retired Allen Iverson — “Its practice man, just practice, not a game, practice!” Nothing matters but the game and the game is what Le Basketbawl covers…