The 9 Faces of Kobe Bryant

As Kobe Bryant dropped another 50 point performance on the league today I could not help but ponder how great he truly is. Today marked his 22nd game with at least 50 points and he absolutely dominated the Mavericks every time the Lakers needed him too. He is unstoppable.

So during my Sunday pondering session I started to think about the comparisons we hear every so often between Bryant and Michael Jordan. The way he dribbles, the way he fades, the way he points to teammates and the way he shoots all become more Jordan-esque as he ages. One thing that really started to stand out though was all of those damn facial expressions he makes. And actually, I think the facial expressions have started to set Kobe apart, putting him into uncharted territory.

There are few players that actually have 9 different facial expressions in their repertoire let alone the ability to whip out that many in one 50 point outting! Kobe has it all doesn’t he? (I can’t believe I just admitted that…)

Here is your list:

9. The “Best Dressed”

8. The “Hi Vanessa!”

7. The “What? You actually called something against the Lakers?”

6. The “How can I Mamba your #$%?”

5. The “Yep, Uh Huh.”

4. The “Hey Javy!”

3. The “Posterized”

2. The “Jail Bird”

1. The “MJ”

One day we’ll be saying, “This guy is the next Kobe.”

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